About Megacity Fictions

‘Sometime in the next year or two, a woman will give birth in the Lagos slum of Ajegunle, a young man will flee his village in west Java for the bright lights of Jakarta, or a farmer will move his impoverished family into one of Lima’s innumerable pueblos jovenes. The exact event is unimportant and it will pass entirely unnoticed. Nonetheless it will constitute a watershed in human history, comparable to the Neolithic or Industrial revolutions. For the first time the urban population of the earth will outnumber the rural.’

Mike Davis ‘Planet of the Slums’

In 2007, the human condition changed. We ceased to be a mostly rural race; the majority of the world, from then on, has lived in cities. Urbanization, particularly in developing countries, is happening at a speed ‘unprecedented in human history’.The megacity, an urban settlement with over ten million residents, is one of the most celebrated aspects of global urbanization. Megacity Fictions aims to investigate how writers and artists are responding to vast cityscapes which mutate and spread at unparalleled rates, often displaying extremes of global wealth and poverty; vertical towers built on new economic wealth surrounded by sprawls of immigrant slums. Submissions in creative non-fiction, fiction, ficto-critical writing, photography and digital art that explore particular megacities, and the concept of massive urban hubs in general, are all invited. A selection of the best of this work will be published as an anthology by Boiler House Press, based at the University of East Anglia, in early 2018.

Megacity Fictions, is funded by the CHASE consortium research body. It is based on the doctoral research of writer and journalist Kathleen McCaul Moura, working in conjunction with Boiler House Press.